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Pole Setters Service: Parking Lot Light Replacement

Electric Repair & Installation

E Since 1999, we have been serving Vero Beach, Ft. Pierce, Port St. Lucie, Stuart, Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Delray, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Miami and other cities throughout Florida. We install all types of poles, from wood to concrete, up to 150+ feet tall.

We are able to drill down to 35 feet, with bits ranging from 10 to 46 inches in diameter. Years of experience has taught us how to set poles in any type of dirt, from dry sand to muck and rock.

We Get the Job Done Right

Electrical Services FL utilizes an air compactor after setting the poles to assure that they start level and plumb, and stay level and plumb. The heads are built and mounted after setting the poles to make sure they are level and straight. We then complete the electrical wiring down the pole, so you won't need to hire a separate electrical contractor or pull electricians off your job site. We are a state-licensed master electrican as required to set poles. You'll find every head and pole is true, and when power is turned on, 100 percent of the lights work.

We Dig It

Florida Pole Setters will also do all of the underground digging to install conduit between poles. We can also dig in feeder conduits and other underground services, such as phone, cable TV, fire alarm flow and tamper, security, and data. We will install a pull string in all conduits so you know when it was installed and that it is clear and ready for wire, making a fish tape unnecessary. We also offer branch circuit for pole lighting, and more.

Service After the Set

Our bucket truck can do all service calls and parking lot maintenance, as it can accomplish a 44-foot reach without using outriggers. Our truck is well-equipped and well-maintained, so you won't see any hydraulic leaks on your lot!

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