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Whole House Wiring: Replace Knob And Tube Wiring

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Do you know what kind of wiring you have in your home? Are you experiencing unexplained wiring problems? Are the lights flickering or does a fuse keep blowing? If your home was built before 1950, you may have what is known as knob and tube electrical wiring. If you do have knob and tube wiring in your house, you should consider replacing it immediately, as it is a fire hazard and no longer up to code according to Pittsburgh ordinances. When you decide it's time to replace your home's old outdated wiring, ensure a certified and properly licensed electrician like Electrical Services FL performs the electrical work.

Dangers of Knob and Tube Wiring

Knob and tube wiring was installed long before our modern appliances and electrical devices were invented. It was not designed to carry the kind of electrical load required by most modern lifestyles.

But knob and tube wiring also deteriorates. The insulation used can degrade, leaving you with exposed wires, which is a very dangerous fire hazard. So if you do have knob and tube, it is time for you to replace old wiring in order to reduce the risk of shock or fire in your home.

Old Wiring Makes Can Make It Difficult To Resell Your Home

Miami Electrical Building Inspection
Knob and tube wiring is no longer up to compliant to current electrical code. This outdated type of wiring is not only dangerous it will also may also make your home difficult to resell. Home inspectors are paid to investigate the electrical systems of existing and newly constructed homes for potential buyers. If they discover any existing knob and tube wiring you will likely be responsible to replace your electrical system before the new home owner can purchase your property. This can be embarrassing and may discourage a potential buyer. Plus, new wiring will also lower your current home insurance premiums. So make sure your wiring is up to code before you put your home on the market. Before making any wiring upgrades keep in mind that the Miami Zoning and Saftety Beareau require that all electrical installation are performed by a certified electrician who is also properly licensed in Miami.

When Replacing Your Wiring, Make Sure You Wire for the Future

If you are replacing your wiring, consider the electrical needs of the future so that you can avoid a costly replacement down the road. As more homes are going wireless, think about installing smart home style switches that will make internet connected appliances easier to install in the future. Think about in-house data wiring that will make connecting your home easier. Or consider installing usb connectors to make charging and connecting your devices a snap. Make sure you have 100/200 watt breaker boxes installed, ensuring that you have a sufficient power supply for 21st-century electrical use. A home that is wired for the future will more convenient and more safe.

With any wiring job, it is important that you have it performed by a professional. With years of electrical installation and service experience under our belt, Electrical Services FL is your best option for a home rewiring in Miami. So contact one of our friendly representatives and find out how we can make your home safer and more connected for the future!