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All Fans Are Not Created Equal - How To Select The Correct Size Fan by Room Size

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Ceiling Fan Installation Tips From Top Miami Electricians Home /Fans / Get the Right Ceiling Fan for a Room Get the Right Ceiling Fan for a Room One Size Does Not Fit All! Ceilings fans aren’t manufactured the same way across the board. Some differences between ceiling fans include the length and width of blades, lighting systems, motor sizes, indoor/outdoor types, and decorative styles of the blades and the fan units themselves.

But ceiling fans don’t come in all shapes and sizes for aesthetic reasons only – there actually is a functional purpose to different fan sizes. The square footage of a room suggests what size ceiling fan should be installed, and two things should be looked at when deciding upon a ceiling fan installation: blade span and CFM (cubic feet per minute). Blade span is the diameter of the fan, tip to tip. CFM is the measurement of airflow circulated throughout the room.

Recommended fan-to-room ratios are as follows:
  • Under 100 sq. ft. – Small ceiling fan
  • 110 sq. ft. – 150 sq. ft. — 44” ceiling fan
  • 150 sq. ft – 300 sq. ft. – 52” ceiling fan
  • Over 300 sq. ft. – Large ceiling fan
Basically, the size of the ceiling fan should be proportionate to the size of the room. If you don’t know the exact measurements of a room, here is a general rule-of-thumb guide that is handy:
  • Bathroom – 42” outdoor ceiling fan
  • Bedroom – 44” ceiling fan
  • Family room or great room – Large ceiling fan
  • Hallway or closet – 42” ceiling fan
  • Kitchen – Small ceiling fan
  • Office – 52” ceiling fan
  • Patio – 52” outdoor ceiling fan
Having the correct size ceiling fan will bring a noticeable benefit to any room that requires air circulation. If you need assistance with your ceiling fan installation, Electrical Services FL in Miami has an expert staff of certified electricians that can estimate what kind of fans your home needs, and install them properly. Call 412-766-1446 or contact us online if you need electrical advice, or to schedule an estimate.