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3 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Outlets

March 18th, 2021

Change is part of life. Yet while most families are scrambling to be on the forefront of technology in the smart device and home entertainment department, few give any thought to the outlets and electrical services that power their fun. Is your home’s electrical system stuck in the past?

3 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Outlets

  • You’re Constantly Hunting for an Available 3-Prong Outlet

2-prong, ungrounded outlets are more than inconvenient – they’re a huge safety risk. Posing a risk of shock to you and the potential to fry sensitive and expensive electronics, 3-prong, properly grounded outlets should be at the top of your must-have tech list. Unfortunately, a simple outlet swap won’t cut it. Rewiring your panel with a 3-wire circuit and verifying your electric box is likewise properly grounded are essential. Otherwise newly added outlets, and even surge protection devices, won’t work.

  • Your Home is Stuck in the 50s

Today’s glut of electrically intensive devices can easily overwhelm the electrical systems of older homes. If your breakers are constantly tripping, or lights in your home frequently flickering or dimming, your service panel is in need of an upgrade before overloaded wires lead to shocks, overheating and fire. In addition to service panel upgrades, some older homes may also need a service upgrade – meaning the amount of energy wired into your home from the electrical system is now only sufficient for bygone eras, and likewise needs an upgrade. If your home runs on a 60-amp service, it’s well-past time for a 100-amp (or higher) upgrade. In fact, 200-amp is typically standard in today’s newly constructed homes.

  • You’ve Had a Few Wet and Wild Electrical Experiences

Cutting off electrical current instantaneously in the event of overload, GFCIs have long been required by national electrical code in all environments where water is a factor. All outlets in baths, kitchens, laundries, garages, utility rooms, unfinished basements and crawlspaces, spa, poolside and outdoor outlets should be GFCI outlets. Without such protection, your family is at-risk of serious, potentially deadly electric shock in the event appliances unintentionally come into contact with water.

Falling behind the times? Let the electrical experts at Electrical Services FL help you get with the program. Preserve the safety of your family – and your electronics. Contact Electrical Services FL 786-487-7441 today.

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