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November 12th, 2021

4 Times to Call Your Commercial Electrician
Since everyone knows that time is money, it’s a given that electrical problems at the office can really poke a stick into the spokes of your business’ productivity wheels. They prevent effective communication with clients and coworkers, darken the hallways, hobble the breakroom microwave, halt work and generally cost you time and, therefore, money. Electrical Services FL has been providing safe, reliable commercial electrical services for office buildings throughout Florida since 2001, so contact us right away if you have any electrical problems at the office: 786-487-7441.

1. Electrical Services for Office Buildings: Lighting

It’s not news that office lighting can either prevent or promote productivity and sales. The more reliable, natural-spectrum lighting an office building receives, either from windows or new LED and energy efficient lighting sources, the better. Employees feel less fatigue, more energized and can get more done during the work day. Clients can feel the energy and are more likely to respond positively to your pitches. Flickering fluorescent lights, dimly-lit corridors and energy inefficient lighting can cost you time and money. Electrical Services FL can repair and update office lighting so it’s bright, healthy and efficient.

2. Electrical Repairs for Office Buildings

If there are troublesome electrical problems that are getting in the way of your productivity and sales, it’s time to have them diagnosed and repaired. Even if the problem seems small—like flickering lights or outlets that don’t charge laptops very well, or any other electrical problem in the office, it could be a sign of deeper issues. Get it checked and stop any office electrical hazards and energy leakages today.

3. Electrical Maintenance for Office Buildings

Let’s face it—preventing electrical problems in the office is far wiser, less expensive and costs you less downtime than having to deal with electrical repairs that could cause inconvenience at best and safety hazards at the worst. A regular electrical safety and maintenance inspection for the office can catch potential problems before they start so you can prevent them altogether. Contact Electrical Services FL to set up a maintenance schedule today: 786-487-7441.

4. Commercial Electrical Services for New Office Buildings

If you’re starting construction or tenant improvement on an office building, get the best commercial electrical contractor in Florida to make sure everything is properly installed, up to the latest electrical codes, convenient, modern, energy efficient and ready to go on opening day. It’s also critical to have the circuits installed so they bear the daily load of your office evenly and efficiently.

Electrical Services FL has provided excellent electrical services for office buildings for over three decades. Our extremely detailed quotes, professional electricians and top-quality electrical work help businesses across Northern Virginia keep the lights on and business humming. Contact us for a free estimate today: 786-487-7441.

Indoor / Outdoor Lighting Installation

Landscape lighting can be installed virtually anywhere on the grounds, lending beauty, ambiance and functionality to a space. Driveways, backyards, patios, and gardens are just some of the places where landscape lighting can make a difference.

When To Call An Electrician

Your safety is paramount. Don’t wait until you have six electronic devices going into one outlet, and you smell wiring burning while the lights dim after you turn on your air conditioner. Contact us as soon as you have any questions about your electrical system.

Electrical Services

We are professional electricians offering a full range of electrical installation and repair services. Electrical services include but are not limited to service panel upgrades ( fuse box to breaker box), new wiring service and updating old knob and tube wiring, appliances, and more.


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